Programme EFeCT - Day 2

Thursday May 5th County hall Leuven

9h30: Welcome speech
Bruno Vanobbergen,  governmental Flemish agency: "growing up", Connection as a verb.

MC Eline Spriet

10h15: The integrated cooperation of the Good Lives Model and Life Space Crisis Intervention in the youth detention centre.

Bram Soenen and Stijn Vandevelde

From the decree ‘youth delinquency’ the youth detention centre ‘De Zande’ has commissioned to work with youngsters to prevent recidivism and to enhance their welfare. The youth detention centres choose for an integrated implementation of the Risk-Need-Responsivity model (RNR) and the Good Lives Model (GLM) to map the youngster’s route. GLM links recidivism prevention as a central goal of the RNR-model, by linking it to the need of every youngster to build a life that is rewarding and meaningfull. Furthermore Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI)  is used in the dayly routine to handle conflicts.

In this lecture Bram Soenen will illustrate how the compatibility of the two models was examined. Then the integrative use of GLM and LSCI is discussed inside the setting of a youth detention centre. Stijn Vandevelde will summarize by explaining how this way of working a good practice is of the integrative action-focussed orthopedagogy of Professor Eric Broekaert.


11h-11h30: Coffee Break

11h30:Leuven in the picture: good practices: Where does this good cooperation comes from? How does it work? 

Karin Jacobs (City Government Leuven),Sanne Sondervorst and Natalie Francq (Groenveld Don Bosco, Conflictpositive Secondary school), Benny Leesen (UCLL en Ris-k), Lalynn Wadera (City Council Leuven)

12h30-13h30: Lunch

13h30: Extraordinary at home in Familyhomes

Karin Blankespoor (Jeugdwijs, LSCI Nederland), Mais Essink & youngster


From practical experiences in the Netherlands with familyhomes,
we love to share how we can provide the children with a strong environment.
Hereby we involve methodologies like LSCI and the model of the Circle of Courage.
The power of a wider environment around the family home for the child is discussed.
We also pay attention to how familyhomes can be strongly encircle and surround themselves.

14h30-15h Coffee Break

15h-16h Workshops

    1. Karin Jacobs (City Government Leuven), Natalie Francq en Sanne Sondervorst (Groenveld Don Bosco, Conflictpositive Secundary school) and Benny Leesen (Ris-k UCLL), (NL)

      Leuven sparkles, an in depth look into the co-operation between welfare organisations and schools: a spreading oil stain (EN) 

      This panel will take a closer look into the strengthening elements of this co-operation, good practices and key elements.       


    2. Bea Vanmechelen (UCLL) (NL)
      Parentfocused Pedagogical Advisement. (OPAD) Investing in alignment with parents works  

    3. Arnoud Raskin (EN)

      The importance of measuring the empowerment process in a non-formal educational setting                                                       Arnoud Raskin is co-founder of Mobile School, StreetwiZe and StreetSmart. He is Ashoka Fellow and a renowned speaker at conferences worldwide. Arnoud is the author of the book 'StreetwiZe, what leaders can learn from street kids'. For 'Los Easy Riders' (a SBS Road movie TV series) he followed his initial route through South America on his motorbike and visited the Mobile Schools he founded.StreetSmart is a TECH4GOOD startup. StreetSmart offers an impact measurement and case management tool for street educators and youth workers. StreetSmart offers a feature to follow up the educational process of the individual children, focusing on the evolution of their self-esteem and empowerment level. A smartphone app helps educators to register data on the streets in a lean and mean way. A website offers automated reports and dashboards on organised sessions and activities, participation rates, child profiles and educational processes.
    4. Mark Freado (EN)

      Problem behaviors are often the focus of intervention rather than recognizing that those behaviors are expressions of inner pain and distress. This presentation by the co-author of The Art of Kid Whispering: Reaching the Inside Kid is the pathway to discovering the private logic and goals of the inside kid. Understanding what is going on in the private logic of a young person helps caregivers decode troubling behavior and begin to replace hostile, resistant encounters with respectful bonds.

    5. Karin Blankespoor, Mais Essink & Youngster (NL)                                                                                                                                               

      Extraordinary at home in Familyhomes: in-depth


      In this workshop, we use various working methods to deepen the themes discussed in the Keynote: Extroardinary at home in Familyhomes.
      We respond to questions and examples from the participants. A Family home mum and one of the youngsters under her care give you insights from their own experience.

  • 16h00-16u30: Closing ceremony : Frank Fescer looks back at the congress and forward to the next edition of 2023
  • 16h30-18h00: Board meeting Efect Members


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