Programme EFeCT - Day 1

Wednesday May 13th County hall Leuven

  • 9h30: Welcome speech
    by MC Wim Hanssens (Don Bosco Groenveld) and Lore Bayens (UCLL SOM)

  • 10u: Living- and learning climate
    Peer van der Helm – He is into (inter)national research since 2007 on the quality of life-climate of children and adults in different forms of care, such as forensic youth facilities, closed facilities and forensic psychiatric facilities. He took a great part in the development of the Good live model. The basis of his work starts from the self-determination theory (Deci and Ryan). His book Living climate was published in November 2019.

  • 10h45-11h15: Coffee-break

  • 11h15: Brain sequels of trauma
    Andries Verpraet is a child and youth psychiatrist on trauma-related pathologies. He operates with the newest technology on measuring brain areas, the brain gets trained and addressed on strengthening its integration level and the ability to self-regulate.

  • 12h30-13h30: Lunch

  • 13h30: Leuven in the picture: good practices. Where did this strong co-operation come from? How does it work?
    Karin Jacobs (Municipality Leuven), Lore Bayens (SOM UCLL),Wim Hanssen (Groenveld Don Bosco, Conflictpositive Secundary school), Lies van Cleynenbreughel (Restorative city), Ris-k as a good practice (Benny Leesen UCLL).

  • 14h30: Break

  • 15u: Workshops
    1. Leuven sparkles, an in depth look into the co-operation between welfare organisations and schools: a spreading oil stain (In Dutch with translation in English)
      Karin Jacobs (City Government Leuven), Lore Bayens (SOM UCLL),Wim Hanssen (Groenveld Don Bosco, Conflictpositive Secundary school), Lies van Cleynenbreughel (restorative city) and Benny Leesen (Ris-k UCLL), take a closer look towards the strengthening elements of this co-operation, good practices and key elements.

    2. Introduction on LSCI (English)
      Mark Freado is the Director of Growing Edge Training, LLC. Freado’s 40-year professional career encompasses contributions to the fields of mental health, public and alternative education, social services, and juvenile justice. He is a master trainer of Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI), master trainer of Planning Restorative Outcomes, a master trainer of Three Pillars of Transforming Care, and a certified trainer of Situational Leadership II with the Ken Blanchard Company. Freado works with a growing number of international private providers and public agencies speaking, consulting, and delivering training services. He specializes in program development, leadership skills, and interventions for at-risk and disadvantaged children, adolescents, and their families. He is the author of numerous professional articles, and co-authored the book and training program, The Art of Kid Whispering: Reaching the Inside Kid. Freado has Masters Degrees in Forensic Psychology, from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and Counselling, from West Virginia University.

    3. Peer van der Helm on working-climate (In Dutch with translation in English)
      Kids with a biological/psychological pre-disposition and social vulnerability and less resilience often have negative youth experiences of which the effects accumulate and sometimes lead to experiences that pulls the rug from under them. These ‘contrast experiences’ lead to pain, a disturbed development and problematic, criminal or confused behavior.
      How can we improve this situation and restore a positive living, learning and working climate? The rejection of society leads to further frustration of psychological basic needs like connectedness, competence or meaning and autonomy.
      Dr. Peer van de Helm shows how we can fulfill these basic needs by the self-determination theory (Deci and Ryan, 2000).

    4. Dr. Andries Verpraet EMDR of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing helps to process unprocessed memories.
      In this workshop you’ll learn the use of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) in processing trauma and the effect of trauma.

    5. The importance of measuring the empowerment process in non-formal eduction. (English)
      Arnoud Raskin is co-founder of Mobile School, StreetwiZe and StreetSmart. He is an Ashoka Fellow and a renowned speaker at conferences worldwide. Arnoud is the author of the book 'StreetwiZe, what leaders can learn from street kids'. For 'Los Easy Riders' (a SBS Road movie TV series) he followed his initial route through South America on his motorbike and visited the Mobile Schools he founded.
      StreetSmart is a TECH4GOOD startup. StreetSmart offers an impact measurement and case management tool for street educators and youth workers. StreetSmart offers a feature to follow up the educational process of the individual children, focusing on the evolution of their self-esteem and empowerment level. This smartphone app helps educators in registering data directly on the streets in a lean and mean way. A website offers automated reports and dashboards based on the carried outsessions and activities, participation rates, child profiles and educational processes.

  • 16h: Closing ceremony

  • 16h30: End of the first congress day

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