The European Federation of Conflict Management in Education and Care (EFeCT)  was founded in November 2007, and is vested in Ghent, Belgium.


EFeCT is a network of people who believe in strength based programmes for working with young people; we have a particular interest in the Life Space Crisis Intervention model, Trauma Informed Care, and the work of Reclaiming Youth International. Our mission is to gather and discuss critically the information and scientific studies about methodologies in conflict management. The population we wish to delineate consists of children and youngsters who display disruptive behaviour.

EFeCT currently has members from 8 European countries: The Netherlands, Germany, Scotland, Norway, Portugal, Belgium, Romania and Hungary.   Together we aim to promote strength based approaches and to further the interventions with troubled and troubling youths that empower them and allow them to become satisfied and productive citizens. Every year the EFeCT group gathers in a different country to address the most relevant issues in the field.

The EFeCT Conference is an event about believing in every kids potential and empowering professionals for reducing conflict in classrooms, schools, residential care settings, homes and communities in general.

We are  very exited to welcome you to the next EFeCT conference.


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