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4,5 & 6 may 2022

Sterk omringd

Verbinding in alle facetten van zorg en onderwijs

Powerful encirceled

Connection in all aspects of care and education

EFeCT Congress 

Connection and correction…

A needed  interplay in working with disruptive behaviour

County hall Leuven, Belgium

  • Focus

This year, the EFeCT-congress for professionals in education and youth care will focus on:

  • climate in the classroom
  • neurological base for disruptive behaviour
  • conflict communication
  • involving parents
  • life and learning environment
  • relation educator/caregiver/ teacher-child …

Host city

Leuven as a host city is well chosen for this 11th edition. The city is a strong brand when it comes to cooperation and connection between education and care. Youngsters at the risk of losing connection are supported by a netwerk of different partners in the city.

. Conflict becomes a chance for growth and moments for encountering. Crafting and inspiring life… runs through the congress.

A little glimpse...

You may expect:

Peer van der Helm – He is into (inter)national research since 2007 on the quality of life-climate of children and adults in different forms of care, such as forensic youth facilities, closed facilities and forensic psychiatric facilities. He took a great part in the development of the Good live model. His book Life climate was published in November 2019.

Andries Verpraet – He is child and youth psychiatrist on trauma-related pathologies. He operates with the newest technology on measuring brain areas, the brain gets trained and addressed on strengthening its integration level and the ability to self regulation.

Bruno Vanobbergen – He is a pedagogue and managing director of the Flemisch Agency: Growing up, he is also well known as the former children's rights commissioner of Flanders.

Participation Fee
(accommodation not included)

 - Professional: 1 day € 110, 2 days € 190

 - Student: 1 day € 80, 2 days € 140

 - EFeCT-member: 3 days € 275


Regustration is required.