8th International EFeCT Congress

Timisoara, Romania

May 18th-19th, 2016



Building a positive and responsible life space for children


The Congress’ agenda will cover the following important aspects:

  • The necessity of restructuring and reframing disciplinary practices by using scientifically and empirically proven good practices;
  • The positive impact generated in practice by improving teachers and helping professionals’ competences in behavioral and conflict management,
  • The importance of influencing policy-making by generating a strong network of anti-violence network of professionals and institutions,
  • The necessity of assisting and supporting parents of students who manifest or who are the subject of violent interactions in schools;
  • The important developmental milestones of LSCI Method and it’s actual state of art;
  • The relevant scientific and ethical principles of LSCI Method;
  • The connections between theory and practice, the scientific validation of LSCI Method’s principles, conceptual models and techniques;
  • The impact of LSCI Method on caring professionals’ beliefs and professional activity;
  • The importance of continuous professional development;
  • The importance of fidelity and dedication to the LSCI Method, through continuous supervision and inter-vision, which guarantees it’s future development;
  • The importance of strengthening and developing the EFeCT’s role and action in promoting efficient and salient practices to work with children and youth with emotional and behavioral disorders and their families, in developing teachers and caring professionals’ competences to address these issues and to prevent burn-out.


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