8th International EFeCT Congress

Timisoara, Romania

May 18th-19th, 2016



Building a positive and responsible life space for children


Target groups

-LSCI trainers;

-Teachers and caring professionals (psychologist, school counselors, social workers) from educational and remedial settings. Teachers and caring professional are in position of acquiring knowledge about theirs students and theirs ecology, they could attain rapidly and frequently the students in need and are well-known factors in influencing children and teenagers’ personalities.

-Schools, remedial & therapeutic centers managers;

-Child Protection specialists;

-Policy makers and stake-holders

-Parents. Parents could be assisted in adopting healthy parental styles and in supporting the educational and therapeutic progress of their child, in order to restore and preserved functional family dynamic.

-The main beneficiary: the children and youth in need because approaching them efficiently and early we could prevent the escalation of theirs undesirable conduct and promote pro-social behaviors which will impact on the society mental health as long-term objective.

The main beneficiary, however, will be the children. By taking action at primary and secondary school levels, by reducing the number of violent incidents and by offering counseling and guidance to children, we will achieve three main long term results: a)we will have adults with better social competences, better self-esteem, better understanding and control of theirs’ own actions, b) the schools will save the money that they are now investing in dealing with the results of violent acts, c) we will make schools to became self-conscious, reflective and ready to adjust to new challenges.


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